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Additional Service Offerings

Looking for a little more help? We offer all levels of support to ensure
the goals and objectives of your event are not only met, but exceeded!

Professional Services

Professional Services

1-30 minute call and up to 10 hours of behind-the-scenes support (event build or feature assistance).

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concierge services

concierge services

You'll have a dedicated team member for weekly status calls, full event build, & platform trainings. Recommended 8-week engagement.
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Onsite Support

Onsite Support

Let us take care of all the moving parts of the event technology on your big day. Our team can help with check-ins, live polling, and more.
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Day-Of Virtual Support

Day-Of Virtual Support

Real-time monitoring and staffing during your event with immediate response time.

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Custom Pricing

Have a unique situation? We'd love to learn more. Contact us for custom pricing options.

What our customers say

"Your efforts are resulting in major positive impact on our teams and I cannot thank you enough. I am confident that as a result of your efforts we will have one of the most successful ASCOs yet."
Executive Director, Oncology Medical Affairs
"35 years in pharma and this is the best platform I've ever seen"
Senior Director, MRD Pharma Consultancy Limited
"I can’t thank you for enough for your wonderful work – creativity, thoughtfulness, and flexibility. You’re one of the best partners I’ve worked with and the results were fantastic!"
Associate Director, Global Oncology
"At my last company, I was not using this platform and there was no transparency around interactions at congresses. Now, there are less siloes and our teams can collaborate on maximizing visibility and conversations at these key events."
Associate Director, Global Oncology
What our customers say

Common questions

What types of events do you support?

Cadence is great for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events of any type, size, or location. Our most popular event types include conferences, company events, networking events, live streams, workshops/trainings, fundraisers, tradeshows, medical congresses, product launches, awards ceremonies, festivals, reunions, parties, and community events. Our platform assists companies and event planners to go above and beyond for their audience.

What does Cadence solve?

While Cadence has the reputation of "doing it all", we pride ourselves on specializing in these four aspects:

  1. Connecting People - Attendees, speakers, and sponsors can easily discover each other, spark conversations, and create new authentic connections that won't fizzle out.
  2. Memorable Experiences - Be surprised by how easily you can create and manage a world-class personalized experience for your audience.
  3. Audience Engagement - Creatively keep attendees entertained and involved before, during, and after the event.
  4. Customer Engagement - Build better relationships with customers, align your team, and cut down on time spent organizing schedules.
What are the top reasons companies switch and stick with Cadence?
  1. All-in-one - Cadence does it all and works for virtual, hybrid, and live events.
  2. Create your own world - Fully customize and brand your event to immerse your audience in an unforgettable experience.
  3. Guided by experts - We will work with you every step of the way from planning, to helping you meet your personal and business goals with the platform.
  4. Delighted sponsors & partners - Shower your sponsors & partners with opportunities to connect with attendees before, during, and long after your event has ended.
How secure is Cadence?
Cadence is an Amazon AWS-hosted cloud-based architecture. This means that we “benefit from AWS data centers and a network architected to protect information, identities, applications, and devices.” With AWS, we are guaranteed improved abilities in meeting core security and compliance requirements, such as data locality, protection, and confidentiality for our customers. Learn more about AWS Cloud Security here.
How easy is it for attendees to use?
Our platform prioritizes attendees’ ease of experience. From login to joining a session, we make navigating our platform as efficient as possible. Our menu is easily maneuverable, you can choose which important items to display on the home screen, and key event details are always displayed at the top of the event page. Additionally, our platform is highly customizable to ensure that you can design an event that makes attendees’ user experience as easy as possible.
Creating Events
I know I can build my own event, but can someone walk me through the process?

Of course! We’d love to help you every step of the way and create a strategy to reach your goals. To make the most of your time, we'll recommend the best solutions—even it's not Cadence. Meet one of our team members by scheduling a short personalized demo!

What's different about your Customer Success team?

Not only are some of the coolest people in the industry on our Customer Success team, but they also work tirelessly to ensure the highest quality platform experience for our customers. They are here to work with you every step of the way and to proactively identify your business goals and potential blocks. See more of what they do below: 

  1. Customer Engagement – Worried about awkward support teams that don’t really get your vision? With Cadence, that will never be the case. Our Customer Success team engages all customers with respect, kindness, and creativity to ensure you always have the best experience possible.
  2. Virtual & Onsite Support – Whether your event is virtual or in-person, our Customer Success team will offer their holistic support services before, during, and after your event. 
  3. Consulting – Our Customer Success team doesn’t only offer support – they also offer consulting services for how to effectively brand and design your event, how to structure your schedule, what notifications to send, and much, much more.
How long can my audience access my event?

Your audience can have access to your virtual, hybrid or in-person event for as long as you wish. For virtual events, we have even seen organizers sell tickets after the event by giving attendees access to the recorded sessions. You are able to set those permissions in the event as an admin.

How long does it take to build an event?
It depends on the complexity of your event and how ready you are with your content and schedule. Some events can only take a few hours to have ready for your attendees, and others (typically larger events) can take up to a month to design. It all depends on your needs and timeline. If you’re looking to host a more complex event and aren’t quite sure where to start, we recommend reaching out to our amazing Customer Success Team to discuss your options.
What type of experience will our sponsors have?

Cadence provides a top tier experience for Sponsors as we understand how important they are to each event. Your Sponsors can be easily accessed from the menu, with all of their important information highlighted, such as points of contact, detailed descriptions, website links, materials, and more. Attendees can even schedule their own appointments with your Sponsors based on their availability. Learn more about The Sponsor Experience with this video and this support resource if you'd like to go more in depth.

Can we brand the platform with our own colors, logos, etc.?

Absolutely! Our home pagemenu, and color theme are completely customizable to fit your event theme and/or brand identity. Schedule itemscompany profilescollections, and so much more have photos that you can choose/upload and create descriptions that display your unique brand identity.

How do attendees access the event?

Once you invite an attendee, they will receive an email that will allow them to register for the event and make a Cadence account. After that, the event will show up in their account whenever they login for them to access until it is over or until you make the event unavailable (even if that is long after the event is over).

How many admins can access an event?

The limit does not exist!


You are able to designate however many admins you’d like to upload content, manage sessions, monitor permissions, and help further build out your event.

Pricing & Billing
What is your refund policy?
Cadence doesn't have a refund policy, but if there is an issue with your contract, we can discuss options on a case by case basis!
Virtual & Hybrid Events
What video & audio capabilities do you support?

While we polish and scale the real-time collaboration features of Symphony™, we recommend using Cadence with our Zoom or Cisco Webex integrations if you’re facilitating large group conversations that require video & audio from participants. Currently, Symphony is great to deliver live streams and pre-recorded content as well as collaborate in small break-out rooms, all right within Cadence. Your event is unique, and we’re always improving features and releasing new ones, so the best way to find out if we’re a good fit is to schedule a short demo with our team. Don’t worry, we will never be pushy, and we’ll always recommend other platforms if we think we’re not the best fit for your event.

What kind of events can be hosted virtually or hybrid?

Cadence is able to support all event types virtually or hybrid! Our platform is very versatile and customizable, which gives you the freedom to get as creative as you’d like when designing your events. From company conferences to fundraisers, galas or awards shows, Cadence has got you covered.

Can we live-stream and pre-record content?
Absolutely! With Cadence’s native virtual event experience, Symphony, you are able to broadcast a live stream by embedding through Vimeo, Youtube Live or Facebook Live. Or you can confidently play a pre-recorded presentation that your audience can watch together as if it was live. Additionally, you are able to proactively upload presentations and navigate through the slides you want to show all within the Symphony experience.
Do you offer virtual support?
We do! Our Customer Success Team can always be contacted through the Intercom messenger pop-up in the lower right-hand corner of our commercial website. We keep previously recorded webinars on our Youtube channel and you can check out our support articles here. Otherwise, you can always request a demo to speak with someone more in-depth.