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The industry's only Customer Database that's actionable in planning your event engagements and capturing leads on-site.

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Build genuine relationships with new and existing customers.

Virtual or in-person conferences, congresses, and trade shows are golden opportunities to build genuine relationships with existing customers and new leads. Nearly every sales organization has a customer database in one form or another, but these typically do not allow for actionable appointment scheduling or the ability to capture leads onsite. We built Customers to make any size company more efficient in identifying and engaging with customers at events, which leads to actionable follow-up by the organization.

Connect with existing customers and purposefully target new ones with detailed customer profiles and engagement history.

<p><span>Cadence’s intelligent importing and customer matching simplifies an otherwise pesky process.</span></p>

Cadence’s intelligent importing and customer matching simplifies an otherwise pesky process.

<p><span>Cadence’s intelligent importing and customer matching simplifies an otherwise pesky process.</span></p>

Creating Customers with Ease

Create a new customer profile in seconds from your computer or phone.

Integrating your CRM

Don't start from scratch! Keep all your precious customer information in one place.

Leads Captured On-Site

Aim. Point. Capture! Scan a new customer's QR code to automatically create a new customer profile.

<p><span>Everything you want to know about your customers in one place.</span></p>

Everything you want to know about your customers in one place.

<p><span>Everything you want to know about your customers in one place.</span></p>

Contact Info & Biography

View up-to-date customer biography & contact information.

Custom Fields

Display only the most important information in your customers' profiles.

Engagement History

View all previous and upcoming engagements your organization has had with a customer.

<p><span>Stay up-to-date on which customers will be where.</span></p>

Stay up-to-date on which customers will be where.

<p><span>Stay up-to-date on which customers will be where.</span></p>

Customer Lists

Easily create lists of customers based on specific business priorities, such as advisory boards, clinical studies and investigators.

Refining the List

Effortlessly refine the list of customers by customer type, region, country, last engagement date, and other custom fields.

Attending / Not Attending

Automatically compile accurate attendee lists by being notified which of your customers are attending the upcoming congress.

Additional Features

Tailor Customers to your organization’s needs and workflow.
Import Customers

Import Customers

Import your customer list from excel directly into Cadence.
Export Customers

Export Customers

Export customer lists from Cadence directly to excel.
Point of Contacts (Internally)

Point of Contacts (Internally)

See the point of contact in your organization for each customer.
Follow Customers

Follow Customers

Follow Customers to be notified of upcoming engagements and interactions at events.
Copy Customer Profile Link

Copy Customer Profile Link

Direct links to share to colleagues for visibility.
Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Add any custom field to customer profiles to make them relevant to your business.
Product Interests

Product Interests

Make your follow-up more relevant by seeing which product your leads were interested in.
Information Requests

Information Requests

Record any specific requests for information during or after the conversation.


Brush up on key details by reviewing previous notes, or capture new insights right then and there.


Both out-of-the-box and custom integrations are available. Contact us for more information about integrations.


With 2-way data sync, pull customer data from Salesforce including customer info and engagement history, while pushing your new engagements at events to Salesforce.

The Cadence team was incredibly responsive and helpful throughout the process, from set-up to event follow-up. It felt great to have them cheering us on remotely! We couldn't have done it without them!

Elizabeth McGhee

Director of Learning and Development, SMCP


I loved the way you can customize everything. Everything could be specifically geared for our audience.

Lynne LaFond DeLuca

Executive Director, Association of Club Catering & Event Professionals


At my last company, there was no transparency around interactions at congresses. Now, with Cadence, our teams aren't siloed and can collaborate on maximizing visibility and conversations at these key events.

Sofia Litos

Associate Director, Global Oncology

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