3 Biggest Problems With Virtual & Hybrid Event Platforms - and How Cadence Solves Them
By Multiple Contributors March 05, 2021
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Our all-in-one platform has the tools to create tailored events that stay true to your brand.
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Although the live event industry has been one of the hardest hit by the global pandemic, out of it has emerged the evolution of hybrid and virtual events. But with this advancement in events has come the pitfalls of event platforms that lack the capability to host dynamic, customized virtual events with any sort of longevity. The solution? Cadence.

Cadence is an all-in-one platform created so that you can plan, execute and experience your dream event. Most platforms suffer from three primary problems - and Cadence can help you solve them all.

How? Glad you asked…

Problem: Brand identity is compromised.

While it may be more difficult to recreate the powerful magic of in-person events during a virtual experience, companies shouldn’t have to compromise their brand standards. The problem is that so many platforms don’t have the ability to match a brand’s personality. Too often, organizations and communities are settling on a boring or anticlimactic virtual event experience that stagnates at a link in a calendar invite. Companies are faced with limited customization options and outdated design, so their brand identity is being lost. It doesn’t matter if the virtual or hybrid event is offering amazing educational experiences, content and networking opportunities—an unappealing platform can lead to a forgettable event, which ultimately hurts the brand.

The Cadence Solution:

Cadence Solution 1

Because there is a rather low expectation surrounding virtual events, brands can take the opportunity to truly stand out. Cadence has all the tools needed for brands to shine. Offering the capability to present stunning imagery, custom colors, logos and consistent branding across all pages, Cadence gives brands the option to express their identity, making virtual and hybrid events exciting opportunities for brands to connect and promote their unique personality.

Prior to launching in 2017, Cadence spent more than 12 months perfecting its design and user interface so that companies can host events that offer a modern, stunning and professional event experience. With Cadence, each event is unique to an organization or a community, offering bespoke event experiences that are customized and true to the brandy identity of the company.

Problem: Most platforms are one-dimensional.

While there are a variety of platforms available, many are proficient in only one or two event solutions. For example, although one platform may offer a great webinar tool, it may have limited networking capabilities, while another may offer clean design but have dismal advanced sponsorship options. Whether a platform is lacking in an array of features or a strong user-friendly experience, companies looking to host a well-rounded and lively virtual event will suffer for the shortcomings.

The Cadence Solution:

Cadence Solution 2

When you use Cadence, you get an all-in-one, well-rounded product available across desktop web, iOS and Android apps that offers everything from basic to advanced options, including:


  • Registration and welcome emails
  • Interest-based networking
  • Specialized groups and tracks
  • Custom branding
  • Admin team controls
  • Complementary customer success services


  • Live streaming
  • Broadcasts
  • Prerecorded sessions
  • Live analytics
  • Personalized schedules
  • Personalized push and email notifications
  • Marketplace appointments
  • Learning and development
  • Social communication
  • Individual and team competitions
  • Tiered sponsorship opportunities and booths
  • Surveys and live polling
  • Community building tools
  • Lead generation
  • Lead scanning
  • Live support team


  • Post-event access
  • Post-event feedback
  • Top moments page
  • ROI analytics and reporting
  • Event debrief call

With Cadence, you can customize your virtual event platform to your needs and audience, ensuring your event is unique to your brand.

Problem: Most event platforms are for one-off events.

Event professionals agree that even long after live events are a norm again, virtual and hybrid events are here to stay. But instead of using one platform for all their events, event organizers are creating a fragmented attendee experience by using multiple platforms. After all, attendee profiles, learning materials, recorded sessions and networking tools make up one event, so consistency is key. With this in mind, organizations and communities will want a platform that can serve as an extension of the organization, year-round, where their materials and profiles can be accessed across any event.

The Cadence Solution:

Cadence Solution 3

Cadence is a platform for all events throughout the year—and the year after that. Organizations can have their users, speakers, customers, companies, materials, surveys and events at the account level. Cadence serves as an extension of your company by integrating with your event registration, CRM, HR, calendar, SSO, domain name setup and labeled apps. Through Cadence, you can create a rhythm—an event cadence (see what we did there?) - no matter how many events you host a year.

To learn more about Cadence and our virtual event solutions, visit eventcadence.com. Check out our YouTube channel for more platform and feature overviews.

Multiple Contributors
Multiple Contributors
Event Cadence is your one-stop-shop event platform that will help you engage with your employees, customers, and communities, year-round. Get in touch with our team to learn more.
Event Cadence is your one-stop-shop event platform that will help you engage with your employees, customers, and communities, year-round. Get in touch with our team to learn more.