6 Ways Cadence Will Elevate your Event (Without Breaking the Bank)
By Hailey Ingraham August 04, 2020
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Planning events can feel a lot like juggling. Trying to keep all of your moving parts in the air isn't for the faint of heart, we know. But don't worry, we're here to help!

We're Cadence, an event experience platform that focuses on unparalleled attendee experience. Our mission is to bring people together to experience every moment, and our platform is designed to elevate any size virtual or in-person event experience.

Let's get right to it! These six assets are how we plan to provide extraordinary value to you & your company:

1. One Stop Shop 🏠

Cadence is an all-in-one platform for planning, executing, and experiencing your dream in-person or virtual event.

If you’re planning an event, odds are you have a lot of different software programs in the picture. You might use a Facebook group to have attendees connect with each other on the newsfeed. You might use an Instagram hashtag to keep track of all your photos. And worst of all, you’re probably having to send out hundreds of informational emails, just to receive responses that ask for the information that you had just sent in that email.

Good news. With Cadence, everything you need is all in one central location. Build out a beautiful, personalized Schedule and make any Materials easily accessible to anyone from the palm of their hand. Forget the confusing excel documents to track registration, we have a feature that does that for you. Not to mention the Notifications, Live Feed, private Messaging, & more. What can we say? We’ve got it all!

2. Bring People Together 👫

Our tools help break the ice with fellow attendees to make meaningful, lasting connections.

Here at Cadence, we’re all about bringing people together. With our platform, each attendee will set up a profile in the People section with their contact information. So when you inevitably misplace that business card again, it’s no problem! They can also add fun personal details to get the conversation flowing. For instance, did you know that Jack & John have the same alma mater!? Yes, way! They can start up a private Messaging channel together to relive the glory days. Or that Casey & Carly BOTH identify as Rachel from Friends? We totally see a binge-watch session in their future! And the best part is, your connections will stay with you, regardless of what event you go to next.

3. Tell Your Story 📖

Express your brand identity throughout the platform with stunning imagery, custom colors, and unique logos.

Personalize, personalize, personalize! From a pharmaceutical conference to a family reunion, we’ve got the tools you need to make Cadence your own. You can upload your own photos or choose from the expansive Pexels library to use on the home page and accompany Schedule items, Collections, and more. Also, you have the ability to change any text to match your theme. For example, you could change our People feature to Guest List. Or you could change Schedule to Itinerary. The possibilities are endless!

4. Share Seamlessly 🔗

Enjoy an unparalleled exchange of live & pre-recorded content between organizers and attendees.

Sharing is caring. And why not share the experience through Symphony? Our own video conferencing platform for meetings of all sizes. Not to mention, sharing Materials with your audience is simple as pie. Yummy apple pie. And think about all the paper you’ll save! Start curating a Collection for all of your important PDFs, podcasts, images, and more. You can even attach specific materials to different Schedule items for easy access.

5. Swift Communication 🗣

Quickly and effectively send messages before, during, & after your event.

Speaker cancels? Starting later than expected? Things come up, it’s inevitable. You can seamlessly send out Notifications to keep your attendees informed at all times. They can also easily post questions to the Live Feed or communicate with each other in private Messages. One of our favorite features is Ask a Question, where you can receive live feedback and insight from your attendees. For example, 'What did you think of today's meeting?' or 'Do you think we're doing our best work right now?'

6. Memories that Last ☺

Capture & share all of the event’s best moments through the Live Feed & Gallery.

Take a picture, it’ll last longer! And with our Gallery, you have somewhere to store and look back at those gems. Plus, you can ensure photos won’t get lost on someone’s camera roll. You can use our Live Feed to send out polls, surveys, and post videos, images, and best of all, GIFs! It’s a great way to keep everyone connected, especially when they are geographically far apart.

 Start building your event on our website or through our app. If you want some more information, you can request a demo from one of our awesome team members here. And if you're looking for a more tailored experience, we'll connect you with one of our Customer Success Managers here.

So what’re you waiting for? Go ahead, build an event and have some fun! You’ll save time, energy, and money while giving your audience an unparalleled event experience. Sounds like a win, win!

Hailey Ingraham
Hailey Ingraham
Hailey is the Lead of Marketing Operations at Cadence. She is known for her creative copywriting and her bubbly, optimistic personality. Her dream event is a beach music festival with lots of dancing, and she'll never get tired of listening to anything by Harry Styles.
Hailey is the Lead of Marketing Operations at Cadence. She is known for her creative copywriting and her bubbly, optimistic personality. Her dream event is a beach music festival with lots of dancing, and she'll never get tired of listening to anything by Harry Styles.