Cadence News March 30, 2021 Cadence Promotes Wellness for UK Police Families Health and wellness is part of our Cadence’s ethos - we live and breathe it every day. So when the opportunity came to partner with TeamPolice and Ethos, our shared values made this a great fit! By Gabbi Tiangco Event Tips & Guides March 23, 2021 Online Event Production 101 - Put on the Best Virtual Event in 2021 Cadence CEO and We & Goliath Co-founder want to get you well versed in event production, and share their insights on presenting tips and tricks, audio and video best practices, and so much more. By Lexi Godfrey Cadence News March 12, 2021 Speaker Profiles that Never Miss Make sure your speakers get only the best visibility at your event. By Lexi Godfrey Event Tips & Guides March 09, 2021 30 Unique Virtual Session Ideas for Events Break up the boring back-to-back calls with these unique session ideas in five categories: icebreakers, networking, health/wellness, entertainment, & competitions. By Hailey Ingraham Event Tips & Guides March 05, 2021 3 Biggest Problems With Virtual & Hybrid Event Platforms - and How Cadence Solves Them Our all-in-one platform has the tools to create tailored events that stay true to your brand. By Gabbi Tiangco Event Tips & Guides February 26, 2021 Your Complete Guide to Compete Cadence’s Compete feature is designed to unilaterally increase audience engagement for your events. This guide will give you all the tools you need to set your event apart with friendly competition! By Lexi Godfrey Event Tips & Guides February 23, 2021 100 Prompts to Spark Conversation at Your Next Event Break the ice with any of these prompts and get attendees to get to know each other better than ever. By Lexi Godfrey Case Studies January 27, 2021 How a Leadership Training Increased Participant Engagement & Cut Admin Work by 50% Next Level replaced its group messaging app with Cadence - an all-in-one event & community building platform. Program managers were able to create an “unmeasurable effect of connection” while cutting their effort in half. By Jon Quénard Event Tips & Guides January 19, 2021 Hybrid Events Are Here: How 4 Traditional Job Roles Have Evolved Navigating hybrid events can be tricky. But partnerships, such as ours with Soundings Connect, show that with the right talent and technology, planning a hybrid event may not be too difficult after all! In this blog post, we explore various traditional roles that remain essential in event planning and how they have evolved with the current market. By Gabbi Tiangco Case Studies January 12, 2021 How RepFest Made a Virtual Conference Feel Like a Festival and Raised over $10,000 for Charity using Cadence Five competing companies defied odds to collaborate on a virtual event that the industry had never seen before, all while raising money for the non-profit Every Mother Counts. By Jon Quénard Case Studies December 25, 2020 How the ACCP Conference Shifted to Virtual and Won “Association Program of the Year” with Cadence The Association of Club Catering & Event Professionals (ACCP) hosted their highly anticipated conference virtually and received exceptional testimonials. By Jon Quénard Event Tips & Guides December 15, 2020 Your Complete Guide to Companies The Companies feature is all about showcasing the companies that make your event possible. This guide includes everything you need to know about it, from the building to all the best practices. By Hailey Ingraham Event Tips & Guides December 01, 2020 How to Manage Attendees' Expectations in an Online Event The transition towards virtual events brings a myriad of expectations on the part of attendees and catering to these expectations requires a thorough event management plan. By Gabbi Tiangco Cadence News November 25, 2020 Your Success is Our Success: What Customer Success Means to Cadence We’ve been hearing from customers that there is a lack of customer support in the event management software industry, but, rest-assured, that will not be the case if you work with Cadence. Meet our passionate Customer Success team! Get a peak into who they are, and what customer success means to them! By Hailey Ingraham Cadence News November 12, 2020 Cadence Cares: 5 Reasons Why We Offer Special Pricing Did you know we offer a special 50% discount to eligible non-profits, educational institutions and social impact organizations? These organizations are doing their best to improve our society, so the least we can do is give them a hand! By Gabbi Tiangco Event Tips & Guides November 03, 2020 Beat Quarantine Boredom this November with these 10 Unique Online Events Spice up your November calendar from the comfort of your couch! From concerts to pie baking, these 10 unique online events are the cure to your 'new-normal' boredom. By Hailey Ingraham