Cadence News July 27, 2021 The Unexpected Upside of Virtual Fundraising Experiences & What’s Next for the Non-Profit Event Sector Non-profits were among the hardest hit by the pandemic, but those who've been able to adapt have come out even stronger. Two non-profit leaders detail their journey, tools for hybrid experiences, and what they see for the future of events. By Hailey Ingraham Case Studies July 27, 2021 Black Girl Smiles' First Virtual Conference from a Small Team Celebrates Big Success Planning your first virtual event is tough, even more so when your event platform is causing you all sorts of problems. BGS needed an intuitive virtual platform for both their team and attendees for the inaugural virtual conference to promote and elevate the mental health and wellbeing of black females. By Multiple Contributors Event Tips & Guides July 21, 2021 How to Leverage the Freelance Workforce for Exceptional Events Join Tracy Judge, Soundings Connect founder, to learn how to turn to holistic freelance staffing solutions to enhance your team for unforgettable events. By Lexi Godfrey Case Studies June 25, 2021 How Juneau's Arts & Humanities Council Creatively Merged In-person and Virtual Elements For a Futuristic Hybrid Event Juneau's Arts & Humanities Council's 10-day futuristic festival was one of the most creative virtual events we've seen yet. By infusing layers of imagination into their first hybrid event, the Wearable Arts Festival on Cadence became a fun hub for all of their attendees to participate. By Multiple Contributors Case Studies June 07, 2021 How London Business School’s Women in Business Club doubled their registration goal for their largest event yet Like many, London Business School's Women in Business Club needed to find a covid-friendly solution that would provide strong branding abilities while still being budget friendly for their annual flagship event. By Multiple Contributors Cadence News May 14, 2021 Introducing our New Partnerships with GiveButter, Socialive, Interprefy & Wordly! When we say that we are committed to bringing our customers the best of the business we mean it! Meet Cadence's four new partnerships now integrated on our platform. By Multiple Contributors Event Tips & Guides May 12, 2021 The Value of Sustainability in Organizations and Events Meeting Revolution writes about the importance of prioritizing sustainability for not only your organization, but your next event, too. By David Muller Event Tips & Guides May 07, 2021 Your Event's Gone Virtual, Now You Should Go Global With only  17% of the world speaking English, how are you accommodating for your non-English speaking attendees? Wordly is working on breaking down those language barriers through their software that simultaneously provides real-time translation to multiple languages, fully powered by AI. By Multiple Contributors Case Studies April 20, 2021 How a Virtual Conference Increased Engagement by Letting Attendees Choose Their Own Path For their virtual event, Onwards 2021, WRG Live prioritized delighting attendees to maximize engagement in the midst of another impending pandemic-related lockdown. By Lexi Godfrey Cadence News March 30, 2021 Cadence Promotes Wellness for UK Police Families Health and wellness is part of our Cadence’s ethos - we live and breathe it every day. So when the opportunity came to partner with TeamPolice and Ethos, our shared values made this a great fit! By Multiple Contributors Event Tips & Guides March 23, 2021 Online Event Production 101 - Put on the Best Virtual Event in 2021 Cadence CEO and We & Goliath Co-founder want to get you well versed in event production, and share their insights on presenting tips and tricks, audio and video best practices, and so much more. By Lexi Godfrey Cadence News March 12, 2021 Speaker Profiles that Never Miss Make sure your speakers get only the best visibility at your event. By Lexi Godfrey Event Tips & Guides March 09, 2021 30 Unique Virtual Session Ideas for Events Break up the boring back-to-back calls with these unique session ideas in five categories: icebreakers, networking, health/wellness, entertainment, & competitions. By Hailey Ingraham Event Tips & Guides March 05, 2021 3 Biggest Problems With Virtual & Hybrid Event Platforms - and How Cadence Solves Them Our all-in-one platform has the tools to create tailored events that stay true to your brand. By Multiple Contributors Event Tips & Guides February 26, 2021 Your Complete Guide to Compete Cadence’s Compete feature is designed to unilaterally increase audience engagement for your events. This guide will give you all the tools you need to set your event apart with friendly competition! By Lexi Godfrey Event Tips & Guides February 23, 2021 100 Prompts to Spark Conversation at Your Next Event Break the ice with any of these prompts and get attendees to get to know each other better than ever. By Lexi Godfrey