Online Event Production 101 - Put on the Best Virtual Event in 2021
By Lexi Godfrey March 23, 2021
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Cadence CEO and We & Goliath Co-founder want to get you well versed in event production and share their insights on presenting tips and tricks, audio and video best practices, and so much more.

Your virtual event is coming up, and you’re feeling intimidated. You’ve never had to produce a virtual event before and don’t even know where to start.

Guess who’s also been there before? None other than Cadence CEO, Michael Buckley! 🙈

This is why Michael wanted to set you up with some tips, tricks, and best practices for Virtual Event Production. He teamed up with We & Goliath Cofounder, Daniel Moss, to give you the best tried and true industry insights on virtual event production.

So, pop your feet up, grab a snack, and watch this in-depth Virtual Event Production 101 Webinar replay and learn how to become the best event producer you can be! 🍿

If you’re short on time, or snacks, here are some key takeaways we think you shouldn’t miss:

  • While you want to have both, it is important to remember the difference between an event producer and a moderator:

    • An event producer is usually a technical expert running a session who controls production graphics, the session flow, backstage prep, and the software that makes it all happen.
    • A moderator definition typically includes someone who stays behind the scenes, moderating sessions in Zoom or other video conferencing services, using interactive features like breakout rooms and Q&A polls to continue the session.
    • Bonus 🚨 A host is someone who is neither an event producer or moderator, but more of a personality that drives an event or session for entertainment value.
  • Unsure of when to use pre-recorded video versus live video? This is what Daniel recommends ⬇️

    • 🎥 Daniel recommends that most content be live, because it tends to be more exciting with the ability to answer questions live, chat directly with the audience, and speakers have higher energy. Additionally, there is less planning involved for you, and you don’t have to edit any videos! The biggest risks with live video surround entirely around internet issues, so if a speaker’s internet or computer speed isn’t so reliable, pre-recorded video might be a better fit.
    • Pre-recorded video 📼 Daniel recommends pre-recorded video when a speaker has a scripted speech they want to share. Pre-recording the speech allows for multiple takes and cuts to make sure the speech flows well and is as engaging as possible. Pre-recorded video also opens up the possibility for animations and graphics that would be trickier to incorporate during a live stream.
  • Audio & video can be tricky, especially when your speakers are in their own spaces. Here are some best practices for seemingly professional audio and video during your sessions:

    • Audio 🎙️ Try to use the best microphone you can, Daniel recommends the Samsung Q2U which is a performance microphone and delivers great audio. If a microphone isn’t in the cards, tell your speakers to avoid the built-in laptop or phone mic at all costs - even basic headphones are a big step up from any built-in audio systems, so ask speakers to grab their Airpods before their session.
    • Video 📺 When it comes to video, lighting👏 is 👏everything👏. Daniel encourages speakers to have a light source or two in front of them. For softer lighting, he advises to arrange one or both of those light sources to bounce of the wall instead of directly onto the speaker’s face. He stresses that speakers should minimize distractions with a simple backdrop, avoid windows in the background to prevent unsightly back lighting, and keep video at eye level because that’s where it always looks best.
  • Daniel shared We & Goliath’s “Go Live Checklist” which we strongly recommend you save and use before your event starts! 💾 It covers all of the bases, check it out here: “Go Live Checklist”

    Go Live Checklist
  • Daniel had some amazing online presenting tips to share that we are crazy about. 🤩 Make sure you save these!

    • Encourage the use of breakouts! They lead to increased interactivity, and really keep attendees in the loop. Push people to breakouts during a session, even multiple times per session, and then encourage them to come back and share what they learned in the chat. This practice is great for workshops and trainings, and adds intimacy and many chances for shared learning.
    • For more engagement from your attendees, make sure your speakers keep high energy, emphasize the benefits of their message for the attendees, and prioritize making confidence feel attainable through personal stories that audience members can relate to. 🤝
    • When presenting, have your speakers start by engaging the audience with micro-questions to get them nodding their heads. This is what Daniel calls “warming up the yes.” It’s a great way to sell a message to the audience, without making them they’re being pressured.
    • For virtual events where speakers can’t see the whole audience, make sure they are speaking to attendees as if they can see them. Use hand gestures, vocal inflections, and talk faster. Yep, you read that right. Talking faster has been shown to promote persuasion depending on your message. So, speed it up! 😝
    • Daniel’s last tip is to “Be Dynamic!” Enthusiasm is contagious so have speakers emphasize their words, pause after important points, stay animated, and speak from an outline, never a script.

While these takeaways are great, there is so much more amazing information in the webinar.

Check out the timestamps below to see everything that was covered, and even skip around based on what you’re looking for. 👀

  • Overview (2:41​)
  • Production verses Moderators (5:33​)
  • Pre-Recorded Video Editing with Descript & Fimora (7:53​)
  • Pros & Cons of Pre-recorded vs. Live video (11:26​)
  • Livestreaming & Recording Tips & Training (16:00​)
  • Audio/Video Best Practices (16:53​)
  • Computer & Internet Reliability (23:40​)
  • Gear Recommendations (19:20​)
  • “Go-Live Checklist” Here is our Go-Live Checklist (26:54​)
  • Online Presenting Tips (27:46​)
  • Overview of HLS, RTMP, & Live Streaming Options (35:14​)
  • Zoom & Vimeo Settings (44:12​)
  • Best Practices for Screen Sharing (55:34​)

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Lexi Godfrey
Lexi Godfrey
Lexi is a Content Marketing Manager at Cadence. She loves crafting strong brand messaging, and her Mean Girls meme game is strong #grool. Her dream event is a surprise party for herself, and she never gets tired of listening to Yacht Rock - it's 5 o'clock somewhere!
Lexi is a Content Marketing Manager at Cadence. She loves crafting strong brand messaging, and her Mean Girls meme game is strong #grool. Her dream event is a surprise party for herself, and she never gets tired of listening to Yacht Rock - it's 5 o'clock somewhere!