Navigating the Future of Events: A Deep Dive into 2024 Event Technology Trend Predictions
By Multiple Contributors December 11, 2023
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Recently our Director of Marketing, Hailey Ingraham, took center stage in an engaging podcast conversation with Tim Woodring from Unbridled. The podcast, part of the Meetings and Events series, delves into the dynamic landscape of event technology, unraveling trends, and spotlighting core features that can enhance the event experience.

Meet Your Speakers

In this episode, Hailey shared some insights from our past year at Event Cadence. Hailey’s reflections covered the wide and diverse range of events hosted on our platform, showcasing its adaptability to meet the unique needs of various organizations. From small nonprofit events to expansive Fortune-500 corporate conferences, Event Cadence continues to be the go-to solution for creating memorable and impactful events.

The host, Tim Woodring from Unbridled, also provided valuable perspectives on the intricacies of corporate events in the podcast. Unbridled, a full-service event solutions provider since 2001, takes a unique approach to crafting unforgettable corporate events. Recognizing these events as catalysts for change, inspiration, and connection, Unbridled seamlessly navigates the complexity of event planning, ensuring that the process is not only effective but also enjoyable for event teams.

🎧 Listen to the full episode here 🎧 Or read some key takeaways from the insightful conversation:

The Evolution of Event Formats

In the aftermath of the COVID era of events, people now expect a virtual element, whether the event is in person or not.

Hailey highlighted the evolving expectations of event-goers post-pandemic. The statistics from the last 500 events on Cadence showcased a fascinating mix, with approximately 48% in-person events, 17% virtual events, and 35% hybrid events. This data reflects a nuanced approach to event formats, with attendees embracing both physical and virtual dimensions.

Core Features that Matter

The features that enhance the in-person experience, rather than trying to replace it, are the most successful right now.

Hailey shed light on the current trends in event technology, emphasizing the success of features that enrich the in-person experience. One standout feature discussed was 'Topics of Interest,' allowing attendees to connect based on shared interests before the event kicks off. This feature goes beyond the event day, fostering connections that extend well into the future.

Navigating Hybrid Realities

Hybrid events require a delicate blend of technology and human touch. It's about creating an experience that feels cohesive, regardless of whether you're physically present or joining virtually.

Tim emphasized the importance of striking a balance between the virtual and in-person components of hybrid events. The discussion touched upon the challenges and opportunities this format presents, showcasing the need for intentional planning to ensure a seamless and inclusive event experience.

What’s Your WHY?

It all comes down to what is the purpose of your event. Defining what you're trying to achieve is vital.

Tim and Hailey delved into the complexities of hybrid events, acknowledging the challenges organizations face in striking the right balance between in-person and virtual attendance. The key takeaway was the importance of clearly defining the purpose of the event, aligning goals with the chosen format, and communicating the unique value of attending in person.

Meeting the Expectations of Tech-Savvy Audiences

Their world doesn't exist with a packet of paper. It's: Where's the information on the app?

Discussing the expectations of different demographics, Hailey touched upon the technology literacy of younger generations. Gen Z and beyond expect seamless, tech-driven experiences, emphasizing the need for event professionals to adapt to changing audience dynamics.

Technology as a Catalyst

Technology should never overshadow the essence of an event – human connection. It should act as a catalyst, enhancing interactions rather than replacing the authentic connections that happen during face-to-face moments.

Tim underscored the role of technology as a facilitator rather than a substitute for in-person engagement. Technological innovations should be thoughtfully integrated to elevate, not overshadow, the fundamental human connections that make events memorable and impactful.

Extending the Life of Events

Technology can be helpful to extend the life of your event. You've spent weeks, months, or maybe even a whole year planning this one event, don’t let it be gone in the blink of an eye.

The conversation concluded with insights into how event technology, like Event Cadence, serves as a valuable tool in extending the life of events. The platform provides a post-event repository, ensuring that the wealth of information and connections made during an event remains accessible long after the curtains close.

Gratitude to Unbridled

In concluding this enriching conversation, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Tim Woodring and the entire Unbridled team for providing a platform to share insights, exchange ideas, and explore the ever-evolving landscape of event technology. It was a pleasure to be part of this podcast, and we look forward to continued collaboration and dialogue within the vibrant events community!

🎧 Listen to the whole episode here. 🎧

In summary, the podcast offers a comprehensive exploration of event technology trends, seamlessly blending the expertise of both Hailey Ingraham and Tim Woodring. Their insights contribute to a nuanced understanding of the industry's current dynamics, making this podcast a valuable resource for event professionals and enthusiasts alike.

About Cadence

Event Event Cadence is the all-in-one event platform for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. With over 20 features, you can fully customize your event experience through imagery, logos, verbiage, and more. Your attendees will adore the easy user experience, and you will adore our proactive Customer Success Team. Whether your event is virtual or live, you can make your attendees feel special by personalizing each touchpoint to keep them engaged. Learn more about Event Cadence by booking a free personalized demo.

Multiple Contributors
Multiple Contributors
Event Cadence is the all-in-one platform for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.
Event Cadence is the all-in-one platform for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.