How To Plan, Organize & Host A Corporate Event
By Hailey Ingraham May 24, 2022
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Learn more about corporate events, why they are important, how to plan and organize them, and get tips on how to make corporate events fun!


Did you know that burnout is on the rise? In fact, a recent study found that 61% of employees are feeling burned out at work. And here at Cadence, we think a well-planned event can help change that! 💃

But corporate event planning is hard. With unclear budgets and expectations, you can imagine why corporate events have been relegated to a Zoom happy hour on Fridays. We're here to take it up a notch! Keep reading for how to plan, host, and organize a corporate event.

What is a corporate event?

To put it simply, a corporate event is any gathering or social activity organized or funded by a business or organization. There can be corporate events for education purposes, culture building, rewarding successes, and more.

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Why Corporate Events Are Important

Corporate events are important, because they’re the most effective way to serve many different functions of an organization at one time. Let’s say to kill many birds with just one stone!

First and foremost, it’s an efficient way to delivery strategy and education to your team. A common corporate event is at the start of the year, so companies can refocus on any specific goals or gameplans for what’s to come. The time spent aligning at a corporate event will be invaluable. Additionally, this a great time to focus on employee development and growth. Investing in your employees is what can ensure longevity. And lastly, building and improving company culture is massive. Happy employees = good work!

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How to Plan & Organize a Corporate Event

If you’re taking the time, money, and effort to pull this off, then let’s make sure we have a clear plan on what you’re looking to accomplish. Start with these questions:

  1. What are your goals? Are they clear & measurable?

  2. What does success look like to you?

  3. What’s the story? What do you want people to remember?

  4. How do you want the event to feel?

Once you have the answers to these questions solidified, the steps to planning and organizing become more clear. As you make decisions throughout the process, always defer back to those answers. But let’s jump into some steps you shouldn’t miss:

  1. Confirm your budget & intended audience size

  2. Establish a timeline with deadlines to keep you on track

  3. Set a location that fits your needs

  4. Do your best to anticipate the day-of logistics and plan accordingly

  5. Promote your event to your audience

  6. Implement the right event technology to make your life easier

But remember -- even if you plan perfectly, things can always come up. Do your best to be flexible when problems arise!

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How to Host a Corporate Event

You’ve done all the planning, and now the day is soon approaching! That’s where hosting comes in, and that’s where your event technology platform can really be put to good use. Here are some tips for maximizing your technology for hosting a corporate event:

  • Preschedule Your Communications

    • For example, if you know that at 2pm your audience will have to switch from conference room A to B, have the notification prescheduled in your app. This way you can be a good host on the day and be there to answer questions in-person as they arise.
  • Engage Your Audience via the Live Feed

    • Send them polls throughout the event, encourage their feedback, and give them the ability to share what they’re doing/how they’re feeling.
  • Reinforce Messaging & Activities

    • Be sure to include all relevant information of what’s to expect before each activity, then send follow ups in your technology platform, so that people can really understand and review the information that was covered.
  • Acknowledge & Appreciate Your Audience

    • They’ve taken time to be there, so make sure you send them some love!

🎥 Watch “Hosting a Corporate Event with Event Technology” (23:20)

How To Make Corporate Events Fun

All this is great, but it wouldn’t be a good corporate event if there wasn’t some fun involved! Here are a few ways to make your corporate event more fun:

  • Think outside the box for the venue

    • Sure, you can sit in a conference room all day and listen to speakers. But that really sounds like a snooze! Try to think of different, unique locations that may excite your audience. For example, the zoo or at a local sports arena!
  • Incorporate not-boring breaks

    • Everyone needs a break, but instead of a boring lunch, why not kick it up a notch? Host a meditation/stretching class or have a magician come in to break up the day.
  • End the day with a curated experience

    • End with a bang! For example, instead of the typical old cocktail hour, have a mixologist come in and teach people how to make the cocktails themselves.
  • Swag bags so they never forget

    • Give people some mementos to take home from the event. Whether it be company swag, useful products, or really anything – people will appreciate it!

Ready to start planning your corporate event?

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Hailey Ingraham
Hailey Ingraham
Hailey is the Lead of Marketing Operations at Cadence. She is known for her creative copywriting and her bubbly, optimistic personality. Her dream event is a beach music festival with lots of dancing, and she'll never get tired of listening to anything by Harry Styles.
Hailey is the Lead of Marketing Operations at Cadence. She is known for her creative copywriting and her bubbly, optimistic personality. Her dream event is a beach music festival with lots of dancing, and she'll never get tired of listening to anything by Harry Styles.