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Engage your audience with friendly competitions sparking that competitive fire.
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Engage and connect your audience through a little friendly competition.
Events are fun. We want to be able to embrace the fun and connect the people at the event through shared event experiences. We believe friendly competitions are one of the best methods of engaging your audience and giving them an experience they will never forget.
Foster team building skills and communication, all while having fun!
Generate excitement through all the different competitions available to your audience to compete at your event
Cadence Competitions
There are over ten out of the box competitions for you to build into your event.
Custom Competitions
Add any custom competition to your event to leverage the specific theme and objectives of your event.
Competition Details
Inform your audience of the purpose, objectives and scoring details for each competition
Beautiful leaderboards for individual and team based competitions.
Individuals and/or Teams
Each leaderboard may be set-up as either an individual or team based competition.
Apply your Branding
Apply your companies, sponsors or event theme branded imagery and logos to the Leaderboard backgrounds.
Multiple Layouts
Leaderboards are optimized across all devices, including vertical digital posters displays.
Teams provide you or your audience the ability to build and join teams.
My Teams and All Teams will be visible to your audience to build up the friendly competition and connect your audience together.
Team Leaders
Team Leaders may be assigned to help facilitate the team through each of the competitions.
Add your Flare
Show off your teams personality through team photos and mottos.
Additional Features
Tailor the system to your organization’s needs and workflow.
Display Choices
Customize your leader board by showing the top 10, top 5, top 3 teams or individuals within a competition.
Ad Hoc Points
Sometimes a team member goes really above and beyond. Thats where ad hoc points come in! For any competition, manually award bonus points as necessary.
Custom Competitions
With custom competitions in Compete build anything from a scavenger hunt to a lead scanning competition. Tailor compete to your companies custom needs!
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