Cadence News March 14, 2023 What’s New at Cadence - March 2023 In this webinar replay, we show you what we've been cooking up for the on-site experience, onboarding improvements, personalized travel, & more. By Hailey Ingraham Cadence News December 06, 2022 Cadence Continues to Further Data Security by Completing a SOC 2 Assessment We put the security of our customers first! In this article, learn what a SOC 2 report means and how it validates our commitment to data security and protection. By Multiple Contributors Cadence News July 27, 2022 What's New at Cadence — Recent Product Updates and Efficiency Hacks Get the latest tools and updates you need to make the most of your audience's experience. By Katherine Clarke Cadence News July 07, 2022 Networking Platform, Remo is now integrated onto Cadence Our newest platform partner transforms your virtual and hybrid events into an interactive online environment. By Cadence Team Eventex Winners Announcement Cadence News May 12, 2022 Cadence named best Event Management Solution And that's not the only gold we secured at the 2022 Eventex Awards! Read to learn more. By Hailey Ingraham Introducing Twine & Cadence's New Platform Partnership Cadence News February 08, 2022 Introducing Twine & Cadence's New Platform Partnership Twine's bringing back the magic of in-person networking to the virtual world through timed, video conversations. Learn more about our partnership with them. By Gabbi Tiangco Cadence News August 11, 2021 How Teaming Up with Your Competitors Could Be Your Biggest Asset Join a panel of three women who before the pandemic were competitors. In the midst of the unknown, they came together for a weekly think tank. See what they learned, and why you might want to call up your competitors. By Hailey Ingraham Cadence News July 27, 2021 The Unexpected Upside of Virtual Fundraising Experiences & What’s Next for the Non-Profit Event Sector Non-profits were among the hardest hit by the pandemic, but those who've been able to adapt have come out even stronger. Two non-profit leaders detail their journey, tools for hybrid experiences, and what they see for the future of events. By Hailey Ingraham Cadence News May 14, 2021 Introducing our New Partnerships with GiveButter, Socialive, Interprefy & Wordly! When we say that we are committed to bringing our customers the best of the business we mean it! Meet Cadence's four new partnerships now integrated on our platform. By Gabbi Tiangco Cadence News March 30, 2021 Cadence Promotes Wellness for UK Police Families Health and wellness is part of our Cadence’s ethos - we live and breathe it every day. So when the opportunity came to partner with TeamPolice and Ethos, our shared values made this a great fit! By Gabbi Tiangco Cadence News March 12, 2021 Speaker Profiles that Never Miss Make sure your speakers get only the best visibility at your event. By Lexi Godfrey Cadence News November 25, 2020 Your Success is Our Success: What Customer Success Means to Cadence We’ve been hearing from customers that there is a lack of customer support in the event management software industry, but, rest-assured, that will not be the case if you work with Cadence. Meet our passionate Customer Success team! Get a peak into who they are, and what customer success means to them! By Hailey Ingraham Cadence News November 12, 2020 Cadence Cares: 5 Reasons Why We Offer Special Pricing Did you know we offer a special 50% discount to eligible non-profits, educational institutions and social impact organizations? These organizations are doing their best to improve our society, so the least we can do is give them a hand! By Gabbi Tiangco Cadence News October 13, 2020 Camp Cadence 2020: How We Used Cadence at Our Quarterly Meeting Who said camp was just for kids? Find out how we structured the weekend of fun and how we used our own platform to help us experience every moment. By Hailey Ingraham Cadence News August 04, 2020 6 Ways Cadence Will Elevate your Event (Without Breaking the Bank) Our mission is to bring people together to experience every moment, and our platform is designed to elevate any size virtual or in-person event experience. By Hailey Ingraham Cadence News January 26, 2020 What's Coming to Cadence in 2021 The sneak peek into what's in the 2021 Cadence roadmap. Our goal this year is to bring people together like never before! By Hailey Ingraham