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Present enables you to engage your audience in interactive educational, advisory, research, or promotional activities leading to improved engagement, deeper insights, and better participation.

A modern user interface and experience mixing in original content from slides, video, live polling questions, audience prompted questions, messaging and many other interactive features.
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Present original content from slides or video and interact with live polling questions, audience prompted questions, & messaging.
We wanted to create something that puts the focus back on the content.
There are many benefits to in-person presentations. However the people around you, the lights, sounds and displays from the production often distract from the actual content of the presentation. Present immerses your audience into the presentation content emphasizing participation and feedback from participants throughout the presentation.
Engage your audience with interactive presentations that foster powerful conversations and deeper insights.
Present offers the modern blended learning experience for multi-channel content.
Synchronized Slides
Convert any powerpoint presentation to PDF format and control which slides are presented to the audience
On Demand Video
On-demand video content may be presented to your audience to watch throughout your presentation
Provide access to supplementary materials ranging from PDF files, On-demand video, podcasts and surveys
Empower your audience to provide feedback throughout the presentation.
Live Polling
Knowledge check your audience using live polling questions throughout your presentation
Ask a Question
Gather insights from your audience by enabling their ability to ask questions and upvote the ones that resonate the most with them
Real-time direct message and group messaging support within your presentation
Presenter Controls
Unparalleled presentation controls in delivering content
Navigate Slides & Quick Jump
Navigate forward and back between slides and quick jump to any slide in your deck
Switch Presentation Content
Switch between presentations and on-demand video
Select Asked Questions
Select any asked question to display within the content window
Additional Features
Present is as powerful and flexible as you and your participants need it to be.
Integrated Video
Speaker and participant video support through our TokBox integration.
Integrated Audio
Full audio support through our TokBox integration.
Global Dial-In
Support US & Global audiences through global dial-ins accessible through the presentation
Note Taking
Participants may take notes throughout the presentation for quick access after the presentation ends
Slide & Video Bookmarking
Participants may bookmark any slide or timecode from videos for quick access after the presentation ends.
Compliant Content
All presentation content pulled directly from your approved company educational content
The right piece of data can make all the difference, especially if time is of the essence.
Automatically generated Zoom online meeting details for your live presentation
Speaker & Participant Video & Audio integration through TokBox
Automatically generated Webex online meeting details for your live presentation
Alternate Text Alternate Text
Your success is our success Our customer success team will help pre-load all presentation content, facilitate and moderate any live presentation meeting to ensure success for you and your audience. SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION
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